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What is Quick Response Rate?

1. Meaning: 

Your response rate is a number, shown as a percentage, that indicates how quickly you respond to buyers. It is measured by how often you respond to a message or inquiry within 24 hours. This information is available to buyers in multiple places on the site.

The Quick Response Rate measures your ability of prompt response to buyers over the past 30 days. It calculates how many buyers received a response from you within 24 hours after sending you an inquiry in Messages & Contacts; and how many buyers received a prompt response from you within 1 hour after sending you a message through Ali Supplier.

2. Formula:

Supplier's total Response Rate = ("number of inquiries replied within 24 hours" + "number of Alisupplier message replied within 1 hours") / ("number of inquiries received (except trashed & rejected inquires)" + "number of Alisupplier inquiries within 30 days")  

*The data is for 7 days before. Please check later if you have replied in time last 7 days.

E.g. It is 2019-5-7 today, so the data you checked today is from 2019-4-1 to 2019-4-30.


1. Reject/Report Spam in time. The calculation is based on ALL inquiries. If you received some inquries that you feel are like spam, or you are simply not interested, you still need to Reject/Report Spam/Reply within 24 hours after receival. If you do not do one of above 3 within 24 hours, your response rate will be affected. 
Deleting an inquiry is not counted as a move for response rate. You need to do one of Reject/Report Spam/Reply within 24 hours.

2. Reply Inquiries from same buyer together. If you receive some inquiries from a some buyer, then you may just reply one of them. The time it takes to reply=Your reply time- the first one the buyer sent you.

3. IPs from China will not be counted. The inquiries sent by IPs from China will not be counted in Response Rate.

4. Mltiple Communication on one inquiry ID counts first reply ONLY. It counts the first reply time ONLY for Response Rate, which means the reply time will not count for Response Rate after the first reply even there are many chats.

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